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Access Rights Management for Linux

Protect-UX allows you to easily manage file permissions and ACLs across your Unix, Linux and HP OSS environment.

Protect-UX improves productivity, reduces error and helps you deliver security and compliance for your organisation.

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 Access Rights Policy

Define and apply your access rights policy:

  • Graphical access matrix modeling
  • Manage by roles and resources
  • Multi-node management.

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 Discover & Correct

Protect-UX provides tools to:

  • Discover your current permissions
  • Analyze for excessive privileges, orphans etc.
  • Apply corrections

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 Compliance and Standards

Protect-UX helps you deliver compliance:

  • Built-in templates provide standard permission sets
  • Find and correct non-compliant permissions
  • Meet internal and external regulatory requirements

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Download the Protect-UX brochure (overview) here.

Download the Protect-UX brochure (detailed) here.

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